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Summer 2024 launches our 12 week "Mental Health Through Music and Creative Arts" program serving LA County in 2 locations, Compton & Long Beach. In this program youth will attend workshops within three categories:


Mental Health Workshops:

  • Girls Talk- Girl's into women mentor program.

  • Guy Talk: Boys into men mentor program.

  • NOT FOR SALE: Education on how to protect yourself against sex trafficking.

  •  Straight Talk: Giving youth a voice WITHOUT judgment. Youth led discussions on needed resources.


Music Development Workshops:

  • Understanding Artist Development

  • Pass the AUX

  • Protecting your music

  • Branding

  • Studio 101

  • Breaking down lyrics

  • Music Cover Art/ Graphic Design

  • Publishing & Distribution



Creative Arts Workshops:

  • Uncover Creative Writing through spoken word

  • Ink Art: Leaving our imprint in the world of art

  • Film & Production RAW Conversations podcast: Youth led conversations.

  • Creative Arts through plant-based cooking.

  • Creative Arts through Dance

  • Creative Arts through acting:  Back to the basics acting 101


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Program Locations:

             Dates: June 15th-August 31st, 2024

Long Beach:

161 West Victoria St. Suite 255

Long Beach CA, 90805

Partnership with    Whole Systems Learning


 546 W Compton Blvd

Compton, CA 90220

Partnership with Planet Health Compton

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