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Envision Youth Services (EYS) supports underserved youth and mentors ages 13-17 years old and young

adults by promoting individuality, self‐esteem, responsibility, integrity, and social development. We

address the underlying traumas faced on a daily basis, which often contribute to and result in negative

behavior patterns. It is the belief of EYS that although discipline is often necessary for functional

purposes, support and engagement is very crucial. It is also our belief that the support offered can be

utilized to promote positive behavior that leads to progress and success. EYS endeavors to create a safe

and stable platform by way of RAW Conversations, a show and conversation that allows the discussion

of challenges they may be facing, while providing a support system that reinforces positive behaviors.

RAW and unscripted conversations supporting our youth. No topic or expression is off limits, youth have suffered in silence while left feeling disappointed, misguided and numb! We too often look at the younger generation as disrespectful, bad, entitled etc. Without acknowledging the traumas the have been exposed to from individuals who should have provided protection..................Let’s talk and be transparent on RAW Conversations!!!!

eys site.jpeg

Meet the RAW Conversations Crew


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RAW Conversations Episodes

RAW Conversations Episodes

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